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Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's make STAMPS!

I've had a set (4) of these foam place mats since my wedding in 1996. We actually use them every day still! But as some things must be, they were sacrificed in the name of ART!!
You can probably tell that the large jar lid I used is a peanut butter lid. If your image(s) are small, you can use the lid of a liquid bottle such as a water or soda bottle.
OK, so as mentioned, trace your lid on the back side of the place mat so you know how much space you have for your design.
Draw an image within your traced area.
After I got mine drawn and cut I was left with some negative space and I wanted to use it all up so I cut out the word 'Bliss' (a word I find enchanting!).
Remember that letters and numbers need to be backward so that when they are stamped, it will read correctly.
I used industrial strength craft adhesive, E600 glue. I used a small paint brush to apply the transparent glue to the front of the place mat cut out.
Allow the glue to dry.
Mine had about 3 hours to dry while I went out to dinner!
I was so excited to come home and try it out!
I used a regular stamp ink pad and pounced the ink pad onto my created stamp.
Before you apply the stamp to paper, make sure your ink has covered the entire image.
It is best to stamp onto a hard surface such as a table top. I had to press my stamp in several areas to make sure that the ink was transferred evenly.
Hold your breath . . . and . . . STAMP!
I love the texture that the back side of the place mat gives!
The last step in this tutorial is to let me know if you make some!
I of course couldn't stop at just one! I used a smaller milk lid for these petals.
I think this stamp would make fun wrapping paper or a great print for fabric!
You can make stamps to make greeting cards, wrapping paper, business cards or to make your own designer fabric! Make sure to use the appropriate ink for your projects such as fabric ink if you plan to stamp on fabric.
I hope you try it!
I can't wait to make some more!!
added Jluy 13th, 2009
An exacto knive and tweezers helped on the matryoshka cutting


Kaaren said...

How cool is that, Mel!

Now I just need to buy some foam placemats and give it a try. Isn't E6000 the best glue in the whole wide world? I use it for everything and it has never let me down.

Excellent tute and thanks a million!

Dawn said...

Awesome!! I too, need to find some foam placemats. Thanks Mel!!

dotti white said...

Thanks Mel--these ideas are making me excited about things I can make and do with my first graders at school! Your creativity inspires me!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I just love your tutorials, they are fun and so easy to follow, thank you so much!!

Tracey said...

I do like the bliss one very much,

Have a great day

Nanette Merrill said...

I have a thing for matryoshka dolls and owls. Love these stamps.

Chrisi said...

Genious! Oooh, I can't wait to try this.