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Monday, January 21, 2008


I learned to weave in 2001 when my friend Cheryl taught a few of us. Cheryl had been a marine's wife and lived on several army bases. On one of the bases, North Carolina I think, she met with other wives once a week to basket weave.

Being in Utah, there are no basket weaving suppliers here, so we order online.

I meet with 5 other friends once a month to basket weave: Cheryl, Kathy, Marianne, Geri, and Lori. We have loads of fun weaving, chatting, eating and singing! We have a ball!

I use the powder Rit dye heated on the stove top, then when the right color is achieved, take it out and quickly put it in a sink of cold water mixed with some vinegar.You want a good quality of reed (rattan) which means that it isn’t too ‘hairy’. ‘Hanks’ or coils of reed are around $5 to $7. These hanks will do many baskets depending on the size you are making. There aren’t any quality shops here in Utah, so I get my supplies from in Michigan. On the left side bar, click on Reed. They also have a collection of wonderful patterns, accessories and endless fun basket stuff!I’m glad to share basket weaving with you!Contact me if you would like the free pattern and/or a page on Basket Weaving lingo.

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Great Basket Links

Basket Patterns - Patterns, quality supplies
NC Basket Works - (AKA Susanne Moore) Patterns, quality supplies, free online patterns
The Country Seat - Supplies, free online patterns
Simply Nantucket Baskets - Supplies and molds for making Nantucket baskets
Basket Makers Catalog - Supplies, free online patterns
KMC Baskets - Patterns, weaving supplies, baskets for purchase, free online patterns
Woven Designs - Patterns, free online patters, supplies for weaving
Weavin' Wicker Woman - talented lady who also has an online shop
Baskets by Helen - Great site for inspiration and a wonderful gallery
Knelly Kreations - Baskets for purchase
State by State Basket Supply Directory
Homestead Heirlooms - Great source for leather handles!
Basketmaster's Weavings - Finally, a weaver's blog! It's hard to find any weavers that blog about it! Thanks Nancy! She's even provided a FREE basket pattern!
Basket Bees - Shop, they have darling 8" leather handles
XYZ Basketworks - Shop with PDF catalog, supplies, kits, tools, patterns
FREE Basket Patterns - Basket Maker's Catalog
Purchase Leather Handles - Joanna's Collections

Basket Bloggers:

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My Beginner Basket, is 10 1/2" X 6" and stand 3" high. Great for muffins, rolls, gifts etc.

Contact me if you would like my FREE beginner basket pattern, OR, go here to download it now!

I will email you the PDF version.
Make sure you add your personal email address to the request!

The free basket pattern is for absolute beginners. If you are good at interpreting directions (which I’m not, I have to be shown in person) you should be able to make this basket with no problems!
The dyed reed is optional of course.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help!

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My first basket I ever wove, Jerimiah Basket, stained a wallnut color, and a small Rail Fence Quilt

Large Quilter's Tote
I used red leather strips for handles and made a quilted liner
Stained a wallnut color

Three compartment basket
Each basket was individually woven, then attached together with while lashing on the rim
Stained a wallnut color

Great for notions!!

Voyager Tote
Probably the most useful basket I've made, I use it daily!

Woven bottom, leather handles 'sewn' on after basket is finished
Quilted liner
Stained a light cherry

Friendship Tote
Woven on a wood base
Braided leather handles
Stained wallnut color

My friend, Cheryl made the darling liner for me

Swing handled basket woven on wood base
Qulited liner
Not stained
Perfect for rolls, cookies, garden clipings, etc.

Two pumpkin baskets, round concave bottoms
I used Rit dye to color the reed before weaving

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creed for Beginning Basketweavers

  1. Thou shalt never weave with dry reed, lest thy reed break; nor soggy reed, lest it turn hairy.

  2. Thou shalt not overlap weavers on corners; too much corner thickness a clumsy basket makes.

  3. Thous shalt identify the smooth and rough sides of each piece of reed and place the rough surface inside the basket.

  4. Thou shalt inspect thy kit and be sure they weavers and thy stakes are correctly identified.

  5. Thou shalt remember that the position of the spokes determines the shape of the basket; spokes, like infants, take constant care and attention.

  6. Thou shalt read thy pattern completely before beginning.

  7. Thou shalt obtain and use sharp pointed tools for cutting; sewing scissors are for cutting fabric.

  8. Thou shalt not become easily discouraged; keep practicing.

  9. Thou shalt pack down before turning down.

  10. Thou shalt cut thy longest lengths of reed first, lest thou come up short.

  11. Thou shalt cut one entire length of reed before starting another; this preventeth waste.

  12. Thou shalt always buy patterns with colored pictures, or if without color photos, then from their creator or a shop that guarantee-eth the authenticity of the pattern, lest thou purchase bootleg patters, which are stolen property.

  13. Thou shalt not store neither thy reed nor they baskets in plastic bags, except for brief periods, lest such become mildewed. Likewise, leave them not outdoors at night, lest the dew fall on them and mildew bloom.

  14. Whenever possible, thou shalt mark thy tools with thine own name, lest they become lost.

  15. Thou shalt always remember an experienced weaver is just a phone call or e-mail mesage away. Ask for help.

Reprinted from the Basket Reeder


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

I love all your handwoven baskets, and their liners.

Stitching said...

Love the baskets! Laurel

Cathryn said...

Hi Mel,

I saw your post on Weavers Words and came to check out your blog. What a wonderful job you are doing to promote the craft of quilting and of course, basketry.

You mentioned though that hardly anyone blogs about baskets. Guess you haven't seen mine, which is about basketry, chair caning and wicker repair. Been blogging since 2004 and covered tons of things in all those posts!

Take a look and be sure to comment to let me know you found me. Happy Weaving!

Weavin' Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

Becky said...

I love the voyager basket! Where do I get the pattern. I also love the way that you combine quilting and basket weaving! Way Fun!!!


Mel said...

Becky, I purchased the pattern and the leather kit from .

Enter Voyager in the shop's seach bar and it will bring it up.

The voyager tote is by far my most favorite basket so far, I use it for everything!!