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Monday, August 25, 2008

More info on basket weaving

The free basket pattern featured in a previous post (not this one) is for absolute beginners. If you are good at interpreting directions (which I’m not, I have to be shown in person) you should be able to make this basket with no problems! The dyed reed is optional of course. I use the powder Rit dye heated on the stove top, then when the right color is achieved, take it out and quickly put it in a sink of cold water mixed with some vinegar. You want a good quality of reed (rattan) which means that it isn’t too ‘hairy’. ‘Hanks’ or coils of reed are around $5 to $7. These hanks will do many baskets depending on the size you are making. There aren’t any quality shops here in Utah, so I get my supplies from in Michigan. On the left side bar, click on Reed. They also have a collection of wonderful patterns, accessories and endless fun basket stuff! I’m glad to share basket weaving with you! Contact me if you would like the free pattern and/or a page on Basket Weaving lingo. I made the basket and quilt in this post. The basket pattern is called Jerimiah.