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Monday, September 22, 2008

This one's just for Lori

Imagine a gathering of loved ones, eyes wet with tears as they enter the chapel. As friends and family are remembering Lori Dunn Lawrence, thoughts are turned to days spent with Lori and her charming personality, her quick wit, her compassion and her dedication to her family and church. The mourners pay attention as six well dressed men, probably her brother's in law, gently hold her casket in their loving hands and place her tenderly into the hearse. Mel walks up to the pulpit and with tissue in hand and a clear but wavering voice sings: WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH LORI? SHE IS DEAD. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH LORI? SHE IS DEAD! SHE HAD A GREAT PERSONALITY, FULL OF VIM AND VITALITY, WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH LORI? SHE IS DEAD! Mel is then carried away by members of the church who don't know the significance of the tune, but Lori knows, and Lori is happy. (No, Lori has not 'left' us, she is alive and well and as usual, a smart a**!)


Lori said...

I am officially putting it in my will that you will be singing this song at my funeral!!