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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What am I working on? SWAPS!!

As usual, I have been filling my to-do list to the brim with fabric swaps! Thirty's Signature Swap I have made 4 Rail Fence blocks out of 30's prints adding my signature in the middle bar. They have been mailed and I should recieve the swap next week sometime. Mixed Unwashed Strips I cut and sent in 10 sets of ten for this swap. Unfortuanatly our hostess lives in Texas and has been with out power or water since Ike hit. I'm not in any hurry for her to send back the results of the swap as I know she has many many things she NEEDS to do before even thinking of fun stuff! Pine Burr This is a specific block made from 'solid' batiks. I signed up for 5 sets of five. My fabrics are washed and my paper foundations are made. I just need to get started on them! Dear Jane Christmas Swap Am I crazy?! I signed up to make C11, D10, D11, F1 and L10. Five sets of each in Christmas colors, though mine will be in reds from Civil War fabrics. 2009 Birthday FQ Swap There are 45 participants in this one. Each memeber lets you know what kind of Fat Quarter they would like to recieve. I pick one FQ for each memeber (45 FQ's total) and package them seprately in a zip lock bag with each of their names. I send all 45 FQ's to Virginia and she organizes them so that all 45 participants get 45 FQ's of thier specific prefrence sent to them for their birthday. So, in December I will receive 45 Fat Quarters that are to my liking. Funky, loud, modern fabrics. I have to wait over a year to see the out come of this swap, but I hope it will be worth it!! I've also commited myself to a Christmas Table Runner swap. Geeze! Non Swap Things I've been working on: Stack and Cut Christmas Placemats for a customer a set of six Yo-Yos in Americana (as shown in a previous post) My Dear Jane Quilt (as shown in a previous post) Add homework for school, playing with Urban and a reading challenge, and you've got one happpy creative chick!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my gosh. Its all fun but it is so much! Good for you. I guess I thrive on chaos. You may too!