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Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that Made My Day!

Today hasn't been so hot. I'm experiencing a 'crash' of sorts and have a killer sinus headache with ringing in my muffled ears. I called my mom to see if Urban could play up there for a bit while I take some medication and go back to bed. #1 My mom and my dad are always so good to take Urban when I need a break. While he is at my parent's house, he's not just being supervised, they involve themselves in activities that Urban enjoys like playing Frisbee, riding bikes, playing on the back yard play set, and reading books. They get right down on the floor to play games and trains. Mom has even made homemade play-dough and lets the kids create with abandon! Dad knows all the songs on the Thomas and Bob the Builder movies! Thanks MOM and DAD, I love you and appreciate the love you give me and my son. #2 After getting Urban ready to go up to my parent's, I opened the door to watch for them and just inside my glass door was this assembly. I had to set it on the table with out opening it for a few minutes because I was so touched by this kind gift from my best friend; Jen. She knows I've been struggling for a while and left this spirit lifting treat. I laughed at a part of the note she wrote in the card. Yes a Diet Coke slushy is the BEST thing in the world! And in reply to her comment of "I'm sure you already have a stash of Diet Coke, but ......." To me, Diet Coke is like diamonds, a gal can never have enough!! THANKS JEN!! My slushy is all gone! BURP, oh! Excuse me!! #3 My package of fabric I ordered at Jane's Fabric arrived today! I'm going to use the Christmas Hostess fabric on the back of my Christmas Cottage Quilt. Aren't they perfect? I loved them when I saw them at a local quilt shop, but when I looked online, my friend Jane had them available at her shop too, so I ordered 3 yards. I won't use all of the fabric on the cottage quilt, but wanted extra to have on hand - you know how that is! While browsing Jane's Fabric selection, I saw the charming blue piece with bundles of flowers and had to get a yard. No plans for it yet, but a quilter doesn't have to have a reason does she? Jane dear sent me a surprise! A Mary Englebreit tin with all sizes of safety pins inside! THANK YOU JANE! What a fun time Urban and I had sorting the pins! Yes that may seem a bit OCD but sorting is a good preschool activity and Urban was excited about Mommie's presents! #4 I received my Quilter's Home magazine today! My sister, Marianne gave me the subscription last year for Christmas and it has been one of the best gifts I've ever had! I absolutely LOVE this wacky brain child of Mark Lipinski! He's outrageously funny and give us quilters a magazine that is not the 'norm'. As a reader describes "It is not a magazine about quilting; it is a magazine for quilters and things that interest them, whatever that may be." Quitlers either hate it - there are not many quilt patterns, or love it as I do. Mark's witty writing has me reading the magazine cover to cover! He has random polls for readers to weigh in on: "Which male quilter would you like to be 'yo baby daddy?'" or this month's "Have you ever told your family you were going to the quilt shop just as an excuse to get away from home?" Mark writes about 'Quiltzilla's' who are snobby-know-it-all-and-you-don't! type of quilters. He had a panel judge several chocolate manufacturers for the best chocolate available, and has written articles on "Sex Starved Quilters", "Questions you Shouldn't Ask in Class", "Are You Friends with a Quilting Train Wreck?" and "The Best Credit Cards to Build Your Stash". Flipping through this issue I found some darling shoes I must get! The Ked's pair on the bottom of page. THANKS MARI for the subscription I look forward to each month! Thanks to all who unknowingly MADE MY DAY today! Now I'm going to go curl up in my bed, pull up the quilts and read my magazine!


Anonymous said...

Dude, your mention of my mag made MY day! Holy cats! How uber-flattering! xooxm

Anonymous said...

I was making my way through a few quilters blogs tonight and happened on to your cute blog. My question is "Who in the world names their child Urban?" Only you and my daughter. Her son is 3 years and fits into his name just fine, but it was sure a surprise when they chose it. I enjoyed reading your info. I'm just hooked on quilter's blogs. They are fun people. Laura Miller ( Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Mum and Dad, and Dear friend you have,
Hope you feeling better real soon,
Take care

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Isn't Jane great! Love her fabric deals. Feel better. I know how that is. It is really a blessing to have your parents so close. I miss mine!

Candace said...

I adore the Christmas hostess fabric! What a great idea to use in your Christmas Cottage quilt! I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve for mine....can't wait to get them! Hope you feel better soon, Mel. Cheers!

Terri B. said...

Great fabric!
And what a lovely gift your friend left you. Knowing you've got such a good friend is priceless :o)

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Stitching said...

Hope you are feeling top notch today. Thank you for the basket pattern...I think I will try this one when I get all the stuff out to "help" my daughters with their Easter baskets! huggerz laurel

Vickie said...

Hey, I wondered over here from Days Too Short. Scrolling through your blog I saw the rocks you painted...Great Job! I hope your feeling better. Take Care :)