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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Meme

1. What motivates you? Why? 2. What happens when you can't be motivated to do something you need to do? How do you get the motivation back? 3. Are there any changes in the state of your world that need some motivation to do? What they are is optional, but how will you motivate yourself to do it?


Mel said...

I'll go first:

1. MUSIC (that I LOVE) motivates me to do good, to do not so good, it's a stimulant.

2. If I can't get motivated, I allow myself a few hours to a day 'off'. Where I don't do anything if I don't want.

3. I NEED motivation to get more healthy. I need to excercise and eat better. I obviously don't know HOW to get motivated to do this because I haven't done anything about it in years!

Kritta22 said...

1. Setting a goal usually motivates me enough to get it started. (it being anything from dishes to quilting) Then sometimes I have to reward myself along the way for actually doing it. But if it's cleaning, I throw on some good tunes and hop to it.
2. When I can't get motivated I usually think about my hubby you has to get up every day and work to work so I can rise our munchkin. When it comes to quilting, I think of the person I'm making it for and their face when they get it.
3. I NEED to get motivated about finishing all the projects I set out to do! I have at least ten all going different directions! I just need to go from start to finish. Tomorrow, tomorrow! :)

Kritta22 said...

PS I started a private blog with a few friends to totally vent about everything. If you wanna join, send me your email. It's an anything goes blog so no judging! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel!
1. In the sewing room books on C.D. motivate me to keep working. I always have about 3 or 4 audio books on hand and if the story is good I never want to leave the room, so I just keep sewing!! =) In any other areas of my life chocolate seems to work wonders! LOL

2. If I can't get motivated, I just don't sweat it. Tomorrow is another day!

3. I need motivation to be more sociable in the "real" world. I get so caught up in my projects and my family that I forget to take time to go out in the world and visit people, like my college friends. I am such a home body!!


Tessa said...

1. Happiness motivates me. I love to make stuff that makes me happy when I am making it and knowing that it will make someone else happy one day is awesome!

2. I usually take a break, put some music on, curl up with a book... Eventually I get motivated to do whatever it is by recharging my batteries!

3. I need to clean up more often and more thoroughly - put things away where they go! Maybe I should bake myself some cookies after putting away the laundry, that would work... ;)