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Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a little bit!

Hey everyone, I'm still around!
My computer is still down, but there is hope of a new one soon.
In the mean time, I have taken a few photos of what I've been working on for Christmas presents. I don't want to show too much until I've sent off all the packages, but here's a sneak peak!
I also put some binding on a darling denim quilt I helped my cousin make 3 years ago. She finished tieing it and had asked me how much I would charge to bind it. I said a chocolate cake and some Diet Coke!
The printed fabric is the backing and binding.
She made a beautiful chocolaty cake for me, but I didn't take a picture! Trust me, it was even better than it looked!


Sherri said...

Can't wait to see what you're making! Hope you get your computer up soon... I'd rather lose my computer than my sewing machine, though!

Julia said...

I hate it when my computer goes down..good to see you back..
Chocolate cake and diet coke the perfect!
Hugs Julia ♥

Eileen said...

These are the kinds of fabrics I love. Are they ornaments? Or garland?

Tessa said...

Ooh, chocolate cake is a good trade off!! I can't wait to see what you are working on - looks cool so far!

Hope you're having a fun week! :)

Robyn said...

Mel, thanks so much for your christmas wishes.
May you have a wonderful christmas too!
Robyn xx

Robyn said...

Forgot to your sneak peaks and the choccy cake sounds sounds YUM! :o)

belinda said...

oouu...looks like cute stuff!!