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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas and the Days After

I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs recapping your Christmases! Our Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve with a party at my husband's parent's house. We eat, play games and open presents. It's a fun and hectic time! Christmas day was a wonderful day at home. My 3 year old son, Urban, was so excited this year and I loved it!! Everything he saw and opened was a treasure! We woke at 9:30am, opened some presents then he wanted to play with the toys he had just opened, so we took a break from opening the rest of the gifts. I took a nap while my hubby and son played for about an hour. Then we resumed the gift opening. It was really nice to take our time. Later in the afternoon we had a delicious dinner at my parents and opened more gifts. My sister and her son was also there and the boys had fun playing with Grandpa's train. - * - * * - - - * - - * * * - - * - Today we had family picture day on my husband's side. ARGGG! Without reliving the battle, I will say that we ended up with a pretty good picture of all 20 of us. It was the first studio picture of all of us in more than five years and I don't think any of us want to attempt it again any time soon!! Nathan and I have had season tickets to Desert Star, a cabaret style theater that performs parodies while the audience eats pizza. It has been a tradition that we get season tickets from Nathan's parents for Christmas. Tonight was the Christmas show so we thought it would be fun to take Urban along. You know a story is coming - right?! He got a little restless toward the end, but was for the most part a good little boy! UNTIL he spilled his root-beer ON the lady sitting down from us. The way the seating is, we were siting on a raised platform with rails, and there are people sitting on the other side of the rails, but on the main floor. So when a liquid gets spilled in a thrusting motion, the sticky mess flies just over and on top of the heads of those below! I was MORTIFIED!! In the small, loud, dark, area I was practically throwing money at her saying how sorry I was and to take the money to have her coat and clothes cleaned. She was sooooooo nice and said not to worry as she was shaking her hair dry from the mess! Can you imagine!!! (Sorry there are no pictures for this way too long post, I know it goes against the preferred method of posting, but I don't have any yet!)


Pat said...

Oh, my...I can imagine how you felt when the root beer incident occurred. I hope it was VERY near the end so your enjoyment of the show wasn't ruined. I'm glad the lady was nice about it, too. You WILL show the family photo once it's in your hands, right?

Lori said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Glad that was you and not me!!!