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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Utah Art

For all you crafty Utah people out there, there is a bazaar coming up this spring! They have a list of prior artists and their work here. So go check out the website and get excited for inspiration! Many of the artists have their own websites that can be accessed from this list.
I've seen Kanani Hayes's of Vinalicious Designs work at several boutique type shops (like Frosty Darling) and events and LOVE her vinyl notebooks, I want one a red one with a skull on it!
Want some more Utah art buzz? Your Heart Out is a brilliant resource for all things modern, vintage, retro, antique, recycled, artsy etc, etc. They have reviews on boutiques, galleries, bazaars, artists, restaurants, decor and on and on.


Kritta22 said...

I wanna live in utah just for this reason!

Pat said...

Sounds good.....too bad it's so far away from me. :(

Carla said...

Too far for me too LOL One of my Ex's children lives there though.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I live in the wrong state!!

Tessa said...

Ooh - what fun!! It sounds like a great time. I wish we had more craft fairs like this where I am. I just talked to the organizers of the last one I sold at, and I think they might have another one soon - hooray!! :)

Candace said...

If only I could reach through my computer screen and open the door to all those fabulous crafters! Doesn't that beehive have Nanette written all over it?

Kaaren said...

Now Mel, this is just teasing to us folks who live too far away. Although...hmmmmmm. All sounds so tempting.

Valerie said...

Hi Melissa, I saw your comment on Freda's Hive. How cool to find you that way. You have a great blog. I'm finally getting the hang of blogging and I will try to keep up.
Let's keep in touch.
Valerie Burton

Micki said...

It sounds wonderful...wish that I could go.