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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blogiversary Wrap Up

What a year and what a party!
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You
* R E M E M B E R *
Please make sure I have a way to contact you, your blog address or email address.
Make sure you have signed up for ALL 5 giveaways!
You can find the list of related posts on the top left area of my sidebar.
Comments on all posts will be open until 10:00pm on Saturday August 29th, 2009. (I'm in the US Mountain Standard Time Zone)
I will select and contact winners after that time and will do an after party post with the winners and ONE MORE GIVEAWAYopportunity.
That post will appear sometime on Sunday August 30th, 2009.


dotti white said...

This has been so much fun!!! Thanks and happy, happy, happy blogiversary! You are amazing!

Pat said...

Thanks for the fun time...sorry I didn't understand the instructions for the "favorite post" one...and my link is only in my COMMENTS (although there is a link to my site from today...which is NOT my favorite post). *sigh* Today has been a BAD day around here and not understanding how to do the link thingee was just one more bad thing for me. OH, well...maybe I'll be lucky when the names are drawn tonight and it will change my day from a bad one to a good one!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Mel, I have to share this with you, your party was such fun, I showed my 13 year old daughter the clip of the dancer, we had a bon-fire, and we all danced to thriller and video it. Such fun thanks to you!!!

OsageBluffquilter said...

Ya got me! Thanks for a fun anniversary party. So much work for ya girl friend.

Tina said...

Thank you Mel. I had fun. Great party. May your next year be even better.

belinda said...

oops.....looks like I missed the time line on this one.....but it was a great day to spend with you!!!

Carrie P. said...

Hey Mel,
Oh, I missed out on the fun but I went back to see what you had posted.I just got so busy this weekend and had no time on the computer. But it looks like you had fun. Happy Anniversary again.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Happy anniversary of blogging!

arlette said...

Hello Mel, this giveaway was fun, fun, fun, I won one of your giveaways, I'm so happy!, and I sent you my address to your gmail, happy blogiversary and can't wait to get it