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Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Report

WOW, my little family had a GREAT weekend - and it was all fairly local and mostly FREE!! {NO pictures though! ??!!}
Thursday we went to the county fair. Lots of fun entertainers and Urban loved seeing the animals this year. In the past he's been quite indifferent.
Friday Urban slept at Auntie Mari's which allowed Nathan and I a nice quiet evening!
Saturday was really loaded with fun! Nathan and Urban went to Home Depot's Kid's Workshop in the morning. Then we went to a play in Salt Lake City at The Desert Star. It's a satirical playhouse where you can cheer, sing, boo and hiss at the actors as well as eat yummy pizza while watching the show. We have season tickets thanks to Nathan's parents - a traditional Christmas gift for our family.
After the play, we went to a nearby park. I sat on the grass doing some embroidery and Urban introduced himself to some kids and played for a good while. As a child, I would NEVER introduce myself to new people, heck I STILL don't! I'm glad he is confident with such things.
After the park we spent an hour or so at a bookstore and read lots of Spiderman books. I got to look at a few quilting magazines too, of course!
After the bookstore we went to a toy store to pick up a gift for Urban's cousin who had his 4th birthday today. Urban scored a Speed Racer Mach 5 car too.
THEN, yes, we fit more into our day - we went to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks.
On Sunday we spend a few hours up Middle Canyon, about a 15 minute drive from our house. Nathan and Urban built a fire and we had sandwiches and just relaxed with books, hand work and trail walks. I love the mountains!!
Today we went in to SLC for Mekhi's (nephew) birthday dinner at the Red Iguana, a famous Utah restaurant. Afterwards we went to Gateway (an outdoor shopping plaza) and played in the water fountains.
Weekends like this remind me to take advantage of being with family as friends. To be involved in the community one lives in and to enjoy nature.
Simple things, when recognized, can be the most gratifying.


onlymehere said...

My kids love the Gateway too but I prefer Fashion Place. I guess I'm a wimp and like the indoors! It looks like a great weekend! Cindy

dotti white said...

Mel...that definitely is a weekend full and memorable, I'm sure. I don't know if I have enough energy these days to pack all of those events in but remember the days when I did. Have a wonderful week!

belinda said... that is what I call a jammed packed full of fun weekend!!

Micki said...

Glad that you enjoyed your weekend, and thanks for sharing!

Hermano y Hermana Kroff said...

I am glad you are enjoying time with your family. Nothing more important!

Candace said...

What a great weekend you had, Mel! For the first time in a while I was finally able to open your blog - I kept getting a strange error message - anyone else tell you that? Anyway, I'm busy catching up on all your fantastic projects!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh Mel, you are so right simple and fun, makes for wonderful memories!