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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road Trip!

My hubby has some job interviews in Portland, Oregon this Friday.
So, we are loading up our VW and going on a road trip!
{picture taken 2006}
I'm taking my lap top, camera, iPod, sewing machine, various projects, books, magazines . . . I'm going to take advantage of this time!
Any great quilt shops or other stops you can recommend? We'll be going up through Boise, ID.


Needled Mom said...

I hear Portland has incredible fabric shops. Have a great trip.

OsageBluffquilter said...

I have a cousin that I've never met in person, maybe you could stop and say hello for me! LOL
Have a great trip. We are road triping to a blacksmith meeting in Ohio tomorrow (4 days). It is in Troy, that is know for their barn quilts. I am so excited!
Good luck on the job interview and safe travels.

Nedra said...

One store I love in Rupert, Idaho(if you go that way) is called "The Gathering Place". Trust me, it's one you want to stop at. It's in the middle of nowhere, and you walk in and go "Oh MY!"

Carrie P. said...

Have a great time. How fun that you can go along with him. Good luck to him and watch out for the other guy,safe trip.

Connecticut Chronichols said...

Fabric Depot at 122nd and Stark is huge. Huge!!! They have everything and usually it is all on sale. Cool Cottons on SE Hawthorne and 24th is another great shop--lots of trendy, funky fabric and very nice people. The Mill End Store on 99E near Sellwood is another huge store. The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego is also nice. I don't care for the other quilt shop in Lake Oswego, not a lot of fabric and no one says hello. If you're up for a day trip there is an awesome shop near Battleground, WA called Sue's Country something (That's a lot of help, I know!). That is about an hour from Portland.

April Pantall said...

Portland would be such a fun area! Have a great road trip ;)

Hillary said...

Yay! Fun Mel! I love your VW! Enjoy the no responsibilities around the house, can only work on what I brought (which means me and my family) time! And good luck with the job interviews! My husband is out of work right now and I know how important a good interview is!

Good Luck!

Sherri said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! Have a great time...and please share the shops you find!

Micki said...

Have a great time, and I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Material Mary said...

We just went to Eugene, OR in August and went up through Boise. We went on the two lane highway all the way to Eugene. On this route, you will go right through Sisters, OR. I think you also would go through Rupert, ID going to Boise and that is supposed to be a fun shop as well.

Candace said...

Have a great trip, Mel! Make sure to stop at the Fabric Depot in Portland - you will be amazed and your hubby may have to send out a search party because you might not want to come out!

Tracey said...

Hope the job interview goes well and your road trip,
Take care

Sandra said...

Make sure to stop at Quilt Crossing in Boise, Idaho. It is a great shop and was featured one year in Quilt Sampler. I lived in Boise briefly and this shop was where I really caught the quilting bug and found solace.

Dawn said...

Have fun and be safe!

Brenda said...

Nice VW! what year is it? We own a 1985 with about 140,000 km on it and we love it. It's stopped at a few quilt shops along the way too.