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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vintage Pink

Diagonally across the street from Cool Cottons (Portland, Oregon) was thisconspicuous building.

I don't normally like to go into second hand / antique / vintage / retro shops because they can be quite crowded and cluttered and claustrophobic but we had some time to kill so Urban and I went in.
Vintage Pink was set up in sections and seemed to be surprisingly spacious.
Urban had a fun time exploring the vintage shop with me
Any idea who I had in mind when I took the picture of the beehive lamp bases?
These vintage panels were sooo tempting, but I had just spent too much across the street at Cool Cottons.
I love this ruffled blouse and two toned shoes!
Urban thought this TV was funny and liked the texture of the mushroom piece.
Do you remember flowery vinyl booster chairs like this one - I do!! I've got a picture of me on one getting my first perm!
I carried an olive green drop case around and ended up buying it. It was only $9 so I thought it was a good purchase for a fun sewing caddy.
Yes, those men's golf shoes are really bright pink - and worn! Must have matched his club covers!


Dawn said...

Cool case! Love everything vintage..the pink golf shoes crack me up!!

Anonymous said...

Love the case great buy, I have your magazine and will post it next time I ma out.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

First off, you little guy is so dang cute, what a sweet smile, now Mel how could anyone think twice about going into a store that was pink!! and you are right, pink golf shoes, yikes, I would have loved to have seen his pants, reminds me of caddyshack!!

Nedra said...

Yowser! That place is pink. And the pink golf shoes? I wonder what Mr. Cactus would think if I brought those into the house? (probably that I had lost my mind!)

Kritta22 said...

Those shoes are just too funny!!!

Carrie P. said...

Fun place to shop. I like the case you bought. Looks good on the outside, if it looks good inside, I think you got a great buy.