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Friday, August 6, 2010

Unplugged Day

1. Lissa's progress (post to follow)
2. Electricity
3. Candle light
4. Opportunities to learn

What I did to prepare for my "Unplugged Day"
Covered my light switches with pieces of fabric to remind myself not to turn on the lights
Turned off my air conditioning
Purchased candles
Put reminders on the microwave

I also got all my laundry and dishes clean the day before.  I got my grocery shopping done before hand and told people who I would normally talk to daily that I was going without phone, internet etc so they wouldn't worry if they couldn't contact me.

During the day I worked on my hexies.  I haven't made the opportunity to add any hexies for a while - it was so fun to get back to!  

I also had printed out reading material on going with out electricity, self awareness and meditation articles.

At night I took notes of the day, read, and squared up half square triangles.  I also sat for long periods of time watching the goings on outside. 

The picture above shows how I was able to enhance the candle light.  I made two 'towers' out of books and stuff then taped a piece of aluminum foil (shiny side down) it reflected the candle light to a certain area so I could read and square up blocks with more ease.

My day without electricity was much needed and very thought provoking and serene.  I'm still pondering and writing personal notes about the day and hope to incorporate elements of the day into my everyday life.


Needled Mom said...

You should do a post on it. It would be interesting.

Robyn said...

You are an inspirational woman Mel...
as I said previously, it would those of us good who spend a lot of time on appliances and power to try this...
Goodon you girl!!

Hillary said...

My goodness Mel! You are quite adventurous! Looks like a fun day I could use some dedicated handwork time! Especially with no kids!

Micki said...

What a day you had...I can't imagine doing it, but you must have learned alot from the experience!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

aaa you are a better woman than I. I would have gone nuts!! Love the trick with the foil, what a great idea!

Amy said...

I could do without a lot of them except for the air conditioning. I would prolly die here in Arkansas!!
if we did not have electricity we would prolly get more done of the day and be ready for sleep of the night time.