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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do you LOVE to read?

I do and I found this wonderful GIVEAWAY Carnival of books! It runs from November 3rd to the 9th. A short time to sign up for over 120 sites that are giving away BOOKS!!!!


the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

Hi there!
Good luck with the holiday card giveaway on bloggy giveaways! :)

However, if you don't win, and are still interested in sharing greetings this season...I'd love to have you take a peek at my site and view my 2008 line. You can access the link at

I had a new baby girl 3 weeks ago, so I'm offering pre-designed templates in lieu of doing custom designs [as I've limited myself to in the past]. Because of this, you can get 50 cards for ONLY $40!!

If you're interested, act there is a 3 week turn-around and December is coming fast! :)

Thanks so much!Stephanie

Lola Enchanted said...

thanks for sharing!

Carrie said...

Hey there! Just letting you know that I actually got a Saturday Craft posted - and EARLY, even!!! Thanks for being so loyal and joining in, even when I was slacking on posting them. I hope you'll join in this week!
Have a good night!
(And thanks for putting my button on your blog! So sweet!)

Tessa said...

Yay!! Thank you so much for reading my old blog entries (hope they weren't too boring!) and for your sweet comments!!! I had been getting discouraged about blogging a few months ago since no one was reading, but now I am enjoying it so much more since you're my blog buddy. :)

Here are the answers to your questions (I hope it's okay that I'm just adding them in as a comment here!):
PIF: This stands for Pay It Forward, and on Etsy, you can list a PIF for 20 cents then find another one in someone else's shop for 20 cents (the listing fee) or you can just do something nice for someone! It's a really cool way to get people to notice your stuff and to swap small items.

Do I still teach? I teach knitting part time now and private art lessons out of my home. I just got laid off from my other teaching job where I used to teach altered books, screenprinting, and drawing/painting, and I really miss teaching those things, sigh.

I love that you love Six Feet Under too!! That is awesome that you are taking that class this semester. You should let me know how it goes and if you like the field!

An edition is the number of alike prints in a series. It would be like if Andy Warhol printed 6 identical Marilyn Monroe prints in green, then decided to never print those again. He'd number them 1 - 6 and say they were an edition of 6, pricing them all the same, but number 1 would be considered the most rare of the bunch. You could also do an open edition, which means they are numbered but Warhol could just print as many as he wanted whenever he wanted...

Nope, I don't play a musical instrument, but I love to sing and write poetry. :) How about you?

I should definitely show photos of an altered book! I will take some soon. Thanks for the idea! They are so much fun to do. You should totally make one!

What kind of stuff did you make in your bookbinding class? I took one in college too, and we made tiny books of our prints that we bound together. It was so much fun!

Oh! I also took a class once where we made sketchbooks and journals, and that was wonderful too. I love to make my own books. :)

Hope you are having a fun Saturday!