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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dearest Aussie Friends,

My prayers and thoughts are with you, your families and your country at this time of devastation. "However long the night, the dawn will break." - unknown


Lindi said...

Thank you, Mel, for posting prayers and thoughts for us. I'm not in Victoria, but have friends there in areas that have been burnt out. We have heard from some, but not from others. Some are still in danger.
But whether we know someone there or not, all Australians are in shock and mourning. We are a country that always pulls together, so we will get through this, but prayers and assistance are always gratefully received.

mandapanda said...

Thankyou so much Mel! I don't live in Victoria either, but just like Lindi I know people and have friends there. We're all in shock over this, and Aus being so large, there is nothing most of us can do but donate to the different charity funds. Did you see the footage of Sam, the koala who drank water from a bottle offered by a fireman? Sam guzzled 3 bottles! She has given us all hope! We cried as a nation when we saw that.
Thankyou for your prayers, they are needed and much appreciated.
Amanda, from QLD, Australia.
(Koalas don't drink water by the way. They get their moisture from gum leaves.)

Christine said...

Thank you Mel

It is very much appreciated.
Victoria is not out of the woods yet, but the donations are going well and hopefully people will beable to rebuilt their lives.
Tough times.