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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fUn DaY!!

Instead of working on projects that have some sort of deadline, I PLaYeD today in my studio!!
I made some Valentine's Day ornaments or gift toppers.
I do plan on having a tutorial for them, although I know you can probably figure them out on your own, they are very simple.
My secret sister from last quarter, Tina, wanted to do a Spring Cottage swap and I was game!!
We decided to swap three cottages made from Nanette's infamous Christmas Cottage Tutorial made in the colors of spring. I tell you, these cottages are so addicting and so fun to make for every season!! I know I'll be doing one for Halloween, so heads up!
I had so much fun selecting fabrics since I don't usually use pastels, but I'm enchanted with the idea of a Spring Cottage Quilt!
I also prepared a primitive flower applique for my Calendar Quilt. I'll post pics of that when I'm done applying it.
Have a creative day!


Shari said...

The Spring Cottages are so sweet! And I love the hearts. I really like how you play in the studio!

Carla said...

The hearts are cute. Love the cottages. As usual I plan on doing them but never get around to it.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You amaze me. I wanted to do a spring something - but no time. I'm glad you are doing it so I can see yours. It gives me hope for spring on this snowy day.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh boy what a fun day, love the heart with the buttons, and you know I will be all over a Hallowwen cottage swap!!

Kathy said...

What cute Valentines! And, the cottages are absolutely wonderful -- love Spring. You should go to my blog and sign up for the Happy House Swap.

Julia said...

The Spring Cottages are so gorgeous!
Nice to have a play every now and then..

Tina said...

The hearts are beautiful. The cottages turned out very pretty. They are going to make a lovely quilt. Thank you for swapping.

Carrie P. said...

Loving the hearts. The cottages look so cute done is pastel colors. Very cute.

Amanda K said...

Those hearts are so cute! I love all the fun ideas you come up with!

Regina said...

Lovely little hearts. I was just thinking how much I like the patchwork look of your blog. So fitting and perfect :)