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Friday, February 6, 2009

Info Overload!! . . Where to start??

I have found some FUN blogs/sites that I want to share AND I still want to tell you about Wednesday's adventures at the quilt shops. Where to start.....where to end for tonight? How about one quilt shop review with purchase report and two web places to visit? So. I have been contacted by a very nice lady Leigh (I don't know from where!) who comes to Utah (Park City) once a winter for family time and skiing for a week. She asked for my suggestion as which quilt shop she should visit while here. No prob! Here's a list of GREAT quilt shops that will not disappoint!
My recommendations for the Salt Lake area:
To clarify, within a 15 minute radius of the mouth of the canyon leading up to Park City
Leigh said she as already been to Piper's (and liked it! and then asked which quilt shop she should go to if she could only make it to ONE. ONE!
So I says to Leigh, I says "My recommendation for Mormon Handicraft is twofold, great selection of fabrics and the ‘Mormon culture’ which is NOT overbearing, just a presence. They also have a bake right there in the shop and their rolls are
to die for!"
"At Whimsy, I personally know Nancy the owner and she's a really, really neat lady. I could spend hours there talking with her. Fun, funky, original and colorful are some adjectives I would easily use to describe Nancy's shop."
"Elaine's is larger than the two, staff is very nice and I have always found great inspiration there, although I haven't visited for a while."
Well, as a Utah quilter, I decided that is was my duty to 'scout' the shops I was suggesting and offer pictures so she could decide which shop best suited her.
So, with out further ado, I introduce you to . . .
This quilt shop is situated in the top part of Deseret Book. Also up there is a gorgeous fine art gallery to the right.
The two little ones are with me, my nephew and my son. We are at the top of the stairs or the 'front' of the store.
Along the back wall and cutting area.
The small cafe wafts welcoming smells right as you enter the store!
I really should have saved this for last because I got the SUPEREST BIGGEST DEAL here!! This stunning upholstery 60" wide Amy Butler fabric was 75% off!!!! Which made it around $3.50 per yard!!!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I found a darling tutorial for a patchwork heart sachet
I Love Block of the Months. This one is at Harmony Quilts (Australia)
You can get a huge list of FREE BOMs here.
Have a CREATIVE day!


Kritta22 said...

Best of both worlds!! Deseret AND a fabric store!!! seriously, do they have to kick you out when they close? I could spend ALL day at Deseret! Plus a fabric store. Oh I so wanna go there!!

Shari said...

I know how hard all that research is - all in service to your fellow quilters. We so appreciate your sacrifice on our behalf...
PS and thanks for the links too

Lurline said...

Oh, Quilters' Tour Guide - nice work!
Hugs - lurline♥

Sherri said...

I'm going to have to visit all of those shops the next time I'm up that way!

Dawn said...

I will need to put those quilt shops my list next time I am up that way!! I shopped at MH in St.George today. They always have the best sales!!

osagebluffquilter said...

If I ever get to Utah, I'm coming to pick you up and we are going to that awesome looking quilt store. And sweets to boot!
Thanks for the fabric and slippers, they arrived just fine yesterday!
Have a great weekend.

Melinda Cornish said...

I am getting ready to move to Clinton utah, so I am going to bookmark your site...I need to know where the quilt shops are for sure!!!!! Melinda

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