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Friday, May 22, 2009

Have you seen her?

We interrupt this vacation for a regular post (since I can't find my picture downloader thingy!!)
Have you visited Cathe Holden’s blog, Just Something I’ve Made?  This gal is a creative, graphic designing genius!   OK, so I haven’t spotted too many quilty things there but there ARE other items to go “Ooo and Ahhh!” over and she creates them in spades!

My favorite posts (so far) are Happy Accidents: Note Pad cover She uses the leather label tag from a pair of jeans as a cover for a small notebook!  She designed a vintage looking graphic to iron on the leather  and . . .

Another “Why didn’t I think of that?” post is Foil the Boredom  Got restless kids?  Give them a roll of tin foil.  Creativity and happiness ensue!

As I stated, she is a graphic designer and boy can she!  Did you notice the “Don’t Stop Here, Keep Reading” graphic by the Older Posts link on my page?  Yeah, she made that.  In lots of colors, one is sure to match your décor!  She shares lots and lots of her work with those of us who are graphically challenged.

To echo a commenter on her blog, “I have a creative crush” on Cathe!


Cathe Holden said...


You make me look like a rock star- and I'm gonna go with that all day! LOL.

Thanks for also linking up to me over on the quilter blogs. You are too wonderful.

Have a great weekend. (Now, I'm going back to play around on YOUR blog...)

Robyn said...

You're so funny Mel!
Must go visit Cath's blog!!

Enjoying your trip??
Robyn xx

Micki said...

I will go visit the blog!