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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two Quilts

I have a couple of quilts to show you today.
I 'blanked' out her face since I don't know the girl, but she's beautiful!  The school colors are red and black, I hope that is obvious!
The grandmother had a couple of requests, that the top four pictures were those specific locations with the two end pics tilted.  And she wanted the cheer leading photo at the bottom all by itself as if to say "I did it!"
The grandmother is going to machine quilt it, she just needed me to make the top.  
I hope the graduate will like the quilt, her grandmother was pleased with how it turned out and so was I.
This quilt was so fun to shop and swap for!  I got carried away purchasing novelty fabrics and have a ton of left overs!  I do want to make one more for my nephew and I've been making bean bags and pillow cases out of the rest. 
Oh, and I quilted this on my friend's long arm.  Since it was very boxy, I wanted a contrast so I quilted a simple circle in the squares and spirals in the negative / black sashing area.


dotti white said...

I love your quilts! I love I spy quilts! Have a great weekend!

Pat said...

Very nice quilts...thanks for sharing the photos!

Carla said...

Very nice! I couldn't imagine doing that in one day!

Candace said...

Wow - I'm finally able to catch up on all that you've been up to, Mel! Looks like the three of you are having a blast in your travels! Urban will have very fond memories as he grows up! Way to go on the restoration of your VW! Now that's a great way to travel!

Jenny said...

I am working on several I spys and am addicted as well. I am interested in how you did the setting could you email me and let me know? i would so appreciate it. Thanks, Jenny