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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Interupt This Break for an Announcement

I've got a couple minutes in between Shop Hop, yard sales and packing boxes to remind those of you who visit that on this Sunday, June 21st I will be having a GIVEAWAY!
I will be drawing a couple (or more) names from those who follow my blog. (You have until Sunday to become a follower!)
The prizes will come from my pick of items from Sew Sweet since I've been consumed with Shop Hop preperations and am working every day of the event!
This is the quilt I designed using each shop's building block. We've had several compliments on it and I'm pleased as punch with it! I will show more detail later.
A question has come up on if this includes those who follow via RSS feed and the like and I'm sorry to say that at this point 'm not savvy enough to be able to tell who follows via RSS. So at this point it will be those who are signed in to follow, or those who sign up to follow between now and Sunday.
To become a follower, scroll down on the left hand side bar until you come to an area where it says" Lovely, lovely people. Really, all of them! Then click on Follow and you're done!


Anonymous said...

What a great quilt you have designed and you are so busy.
Send me a bit of energy please, I can do with some, down with a bad cold after the Sydney Quilt show.

Good luck with all you have on at the moment.


Kritta22 said...

Oh my gosh! That quilt is awesome!!!

Once again, wishing I was in Utah!

Robyn said...

Oh good on you Mel,
This is clever and creative!
I bet you enjoyed making this design.
Robyn xx

Pat said...

I LOVE that quilt you designed. You are too talented!!! LOL

onlymehere said...

I thought I was a follower but I just signed up! Love the quilt you designed!

belinda said...

Hey girl....this quilt is GREAT!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my goodness, you should be happy with it, it looks great and shows off each of the bulidings so well. great job, girl!!!

Micki said...

The quilt is awesome and you know that I am a follower.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I was just at Broadbents to see their shop hop quilt. So cute. You know how I love houses/buildings. This one is so incredibly darling. Love it.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

That quilt is awesome!

onlymehere said...

This quilt is so unique, I love it! I also really like your choice of colors with it.

dotti white said...

I love your quilt and wish I could go to your shop the theme of the stores in the town. Have so much fun!