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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Retreat Day 2

1. Saturdays
2. Chocolate chip pancakes
3. A place to live
4. Ability to buy food

I didn't get as much done today, not because I stayed away from the machine, but because what I did do took longer than what I did yesterday.

I'm behind on my Schnibbles projects so I'm trying to catch up.  This is November's pattern called Picnic. It's a great pattern and easy to sew up, but since I'm using nothing but charm packs, I'm making it difficult!  I should have just gone with a consistent background!  So I'm having to do a lot of pre layout which can take some time!!

The other sewing I got done was the rows for some more mini 9 patch blocks.  No, they are not done . . . . and WHY????

Because my sewing machine BROKE!!!!!!!!!!  I'm convinced I jinxed it when I put it on my Thankful list yesterday!

I do know what is wrong - my feed dogs aren't working properly. They aren't moving the fabric along like good little feed dogs should! SO I had to stop my sewing earlier than I had intended.

The retreat goes until tomorrow, so I guess I'll have to stick with hand work or better yet organizing my sewing and craft area/boxes!!  

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Stina said...

Oh no... a broken machine... what to do?????
What a start!!! Hope you can fix what ever it is... otherwise it will be a lot of cutting today..:o)
Love your Picnic Schnibble blocks...
Hope you get a good day!! (HUGS)

Annette said...

Ouch! I just went through that with my machine (different problem). It was tough being without it while it was in the repair shop. I'm much happier now that it is home and running smooth. Hope yours is "mended" very quickly.

free indeed said...

I'd be stressing a bit about a 'down' machine! Maybe there's a buildup of lint or something like a knot of thread preventing the dogs from moving? Hope there's a minor fix! I have been admiring everyone's my speed! Too swamped to begin one is the trouble. Have a happy studio cleaning/organizing will feel so wonderful to streamline that room! Mine is in the process as well.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your Schnibbles is going to be adorable. What a sad situation about your machine :-( If the timing is off --- ouch! Hope you can get it fixed quick :-)

deborah said...

Mel, Hate to hear about your machine...I hope its just a bit of thread or lint tangled up! Love your Schnibble basket blocks, so cute! See you at retreat in a litte while:)

Needled Mom said...

Bummer!!!! I hope it isn't anything major with the machine.

Are all of those HST driving you crazy in Picnic? It does make a gorgeous quilt when finished.

Hope you get lots done on sewing retreat today - even if it isn't on the machine.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

On no, I hope she gets well soon!

Amber said...

Sorry to hear about your machine...but on a more positive note: The pink skull and crossbones on your machine is really awesome!