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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morning Glory Appliqué

Be Aware, Be Thankful
1.  My own bed
2.  Cold water, drinking
3.  Ibuprofen
* * *

This quilt is another made by my great grandmother Gillette that is in my Aunt Susanne's collection.
This piece has a combination of hand work.  Appliqué, embroidery and quilting.
The quilt is very well made in a nice soft, spring pallet.

Notice the consistent even stitches.

I love that the embroidery gives the solid pieces depth.
This is the back of the Morning Glory quilt.

Thanks to Karen who left a comment suggesting this quilt may be one of many quilt kits that were available in the 1930's, something she had learned in an article she had read.  

I went searching for similar quilts in that time and sure enough - found several with the exact same colors.  I love that we are able to share and learn so much via the Internet and blogging friends!

Did you see the first quilt of my grandmother's?  Click here.


Valentina said...

Mel I don't think I have ever seen a Morning Glory quilt before and I can hardly believe my eyes! Gorgeous stitches! And the quilting... wow!
Thanks for sharing these treasures with us!

Trisha said...

Beautiful! I think antique quilts are amazing. It is so exciting when quilts made long ago have lasted and can be enjoyed so many years later. What a treasure!

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a beautiful quilt. You must feel so honored to have it. I love the way that she did the cup ends of the flowers. Very interesting.

Karen said...

Lots of nice quilting on the Morning Glory quilt. I wonder if that was a kit quilt. Seems like I remember seeing that design in an article about kit quilts.

Denise :) said...

Mel, this is just beautiful! What an heirloom! :)

free indeed said...

Very lovely! I do like morning glories. Would be a totally cool project for me to applique and my DIL to embroider...will keep ideas like this in mind!

Micki said...

It is incredible Mel..what a talented lady she is!

Micki said...

It is incredible Mel..what a talented lady she is!

Nedra said...

I love seeing these vintage quilts, and knowing the hours of hand work that went into them. Such a labor of love.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my goodness, that takes my breath away!! How very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Kaaren said...

Wow! Now that is a beauty, Mel. And it's even more meaningful knowing the history behind it and who made it.

Thanks so much for sharing.