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Relive The Past

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been moping around the last couple of days due to the appearance of my blog.

I know - it's silly, but I feel like I'm up on stage with only my frumpy clothes to wear because my 'good' clothes are in the wash.  My hair and makeup aren't done, yet here I am.

I'm not a vain person, just particular and I can't get my blog to do (look) what I want!

  1. I don't have the programs necessary to create how I want
  2. I don't have the programing knowledge to create layouts that are unique
  3. My computer is REALLY slow
  4. I can't find a ready made layout that says 'Mel'
Yes, it's one of those "Feeling sorry for myself days" and I can't get the motivation to do ANYTHING!  

I'm sorry to use this space online for spewing my dissatisfaction, but there it is.  Now that I'm done, I promise I'll buck up, get over it and move on!

I'm turning off comments for this post because I'm embarrassed enough as it is for throwing my own pity party!