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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Be Aware, Be Thankful 1. Weekends
2. Paychecks
3. A fun job
* * * *

Bits and pieces of what I’ve been working on . . .

katys block

I got another paper pieced snowflake done for my Quilt Around the World Christmas swap.  Katy requested that all her blocks be made with red and white only.  I love the results!!  I’ve made 9 so far . . . I think!

* * * * 

I joined the Brown Bag Swap via Stash Manicure.  The fabrics pictured are the fabrics I’m sending to my partner, Michele.


We were to send FQ’s totaling 2 yds from our stash that no longer ‘speak’ to us.  Since I did a huge overhaul of my stash last year, I didn’t have many that I didn’t love so I had to throw in fabrics I still really like.  I’m excited to see what Michele makes with them!

Here are the fabrics Michele sent to me.


At work a couple of days ago a book came in with a project that is outside of my box that I think I’ll make with these FQ’s.

* * * * *

Another swap block done for my Vintage Sheet Freedom Bee.  This one is for Jessica.

And this one is for Kylie

I have a few more I need to make SOON!!

* * * * *
At Harriet’s we sell these darling kits to make two paper pieced blocks. 
There are tons of samples made, but not all are made up so I took home a pack and stitched up these two leaves. 

They finish anywhere from 3 1/2” square to 5” square with out borders.  One could enlarge the foundation, of course, to make a bigger block.
Next on my list is the birthday pack which has a present and a slice of cake and an animal pack that has a monkey and a giraffe.

* * * * *

I’ve almost got all the bindings done on the mini quilts I’m taking to Argentina!!  These were so fun to make – I’ll do a post on them later.



Nedra said...

That snowflake star is just stunning done in the red and whites. You do such beautiful work.

Michele Pacey said...

Agreed! Wowee is all i can say about that snowflake star! and wowee again cause you are one busy girl! gonna have to start thinking about those fabrics that are coming my way, aren't I?

Denise :) said...

What fun things you have going on! Let me know how I can get a fun job to be thankful for, please?! LOL!! Hugs, Mel! :)

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Wow, you are really working lady!! Love the leaves!

Carrie P. said...

I hope when you get my QATW blocks you will make me a star block. I have enjoyed seeing them as they have come to my house.
those little fall postcards are very pretty.