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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Day of Pictures!!

My secret sister from last quarter, Tina and agreed to swap 3 Spring Cottages - these are what Tina sent me!! Don't they exude springy happiness?? I love them! Oh, and she even offered to make a triangle for my Dear Jane quilt!! How nice is that? Thanks so much Tina!! I love it all!!
So while I was on a girl's weekend a few weeks ago, my sis in law, Michelle caught the quilting bug!!! NO I didn't twist her arm, she did it of her own free will knowing that it can be quite consuming.
She picked up some real fun fabrics for table runners, basket liners and in true quilter fashion, she bought fabric FOR NO REASON AT ALL!! She's a natural!
She's seen all my cute cottages I've been swapping and thought she'd give them a try. She followed Nanette's great tutorial and whipped up six wonderful cottages!! She gave three to me, and kept three for herself. Didn't she do a great job??
I spent a wonderful day in my studio today!
Urban played pretty well while I sewed and we watched Lion King and the Muppet Movie.
Ironically, none of the pictures I have to show you on this post are from today's sewing! I think you'll enjoy them just the same!
This past holiday weekend I had the opportunity to sew and sew and sew!! My sister's in law and I set up 'shop' up at my mother in law's basement and had three full days of bliss!!
I worked on my Calendar Quilt Challenge. I thought it would be fun to applique a primitive flower to the top of the strip panel I have thus far. I also scalloped the bottom of a set of strips and appliqued them in place. I did this twice because I didn't like the fabric I had appliqued them to the first time. I'm happy with it now (as pictured). I think I'm caught up to the end of February.
I also cut squares to do some hexagons (my first ever!) for Hexagon's of Hope. Check out the cause to help the Victorians who have been effected in Australian's horrible fires.
I also worked on some Happy Houses for a swap started by Lurline in Australia. Kathy is the hostess for the American gals. I still have to 'wonky' them by adding skewed borders all around each block, but it's a good start!
When we finally left the house at 7:30pm, I found a package from Nanette in the mail box!!! I had ordered a kit for her darling Mixed Bag because I love bags, and more importantly, I love the fabrics she puts into the kits!!!
I was so ecstatic to receive the delicious fabrics she sent!! I don't have time in my sewing schedule, but I WILL make this bag by next week for sure!!
True to Nanette's style, she added some extras! A lovely note on a darling birdie card, one of her famous and original Doll House Cottage pot holders, (follow the link to make your own!) some ric-rak for the top of the bag and a charming covered button, also for the bag. Thanks Nanette!! You are very generous!!
Thanks for hanging in there for this long post!
Have a CREATIVE day!!


Julia said...

Oh WOW Mel!
Everything is just bright and the little houses..
Nanette does have great fabric...must check them out!
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

Yes she does put great fabrics in her packs, I love my bag and it was so easy.

Love all your house blocks, still have to sew mine before we fly out on wednesday.


Stephanie said...

Lots of pretties to look at. Good job to your sister in law! She's a natural all right! Oh how I absolutely LOVE your cottages from Lurline's Swap. Really a cute pattern and such happy spring colors.

Carla said...

Everything is so pretty! I love your wonky houses without the wonk. LOL Your sis in law did great! I love Nanette's bag. I guess I'm going to have to break down and get it.

Pat said...

What fun that your sister-in-law is now into quilting!!! And....Nanette's pacakge is so sweet. Your house blocks are terrific. I only got to do one so far. :( Just not enough time for me.

Lurline said...

Great Post - I also love Nanette's fabrics - am trying to start a collection? like hers - almost impossible to achieve here, I think! Lovely to know you were able to find a contact to enable you to participate in my Oz swap - looking forward to seeing your buildings!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Lori said...

Michelle did do a great job! Reading this actually makes me want to sew again. That poor wall hanging I started a year ago is just sitting in the closet collecting dust. Sigh.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

where to start, love the Spring Cottages, great for your SIL, a new one hooked and a great job on the cottages. Of course I love the houses, i was thinking of joining that too, but really I am a little crazy right now. I also have a purse kit, but do not want to cut her fabric! I know silly. Love everything you showed, have a nice day.

belinda said...'s ALL good eye candy....those little cottages from Lurline's swap are to die for!

Millie said...

Every block is so happy and perfect for a spring or summer quilt. Will make a lovely Wonky House quilt!

mmama said...

Houses super Mel !
My blogs 3 houses natural.

Carrie P. said...

Looks like you have been having fun. Love those pink cottages.

Dawn said...

Love the pink cottages!! I love my bag by Nanette. Just got back from a retreat and took Nanette's Dressed-up quilt're right she is VERY generous!! She also had an amazing trunk show!!

Anonymous said...

You know I realy love your colours choice in your houses, they are sooooo cute, I am working on mine as we had to delay our flight.