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Thursday, February 12, 2009

One World, One Heart WINNER!

I personally know Tessa!!!! We met through our blogs and have been communicating via emails. Wait . . . this is great!! YOU know Tessa too . . . she is the one I bought those darling sanitary bags from!! Remember? I'm sure she's going to love being known as the sanitary bag lady! My hubby formatted a spreadsheet in Excel and programmed it to accept just those who had left contact info, then I went to and plugged in my numbers. I wanted to make sure the pick was generic, and totally random. It spit out the a number which coincided with Tessa's entry!!!!! I had posted once about how reading her blog inspires me to 'let go' of rules and just freely create. THanKs to ALL who participated!! I enjoyed 'meeting' so many creative people!


Carla said...

Well darn! Congratulations to Tessa!

Shari said...

How many entries did you end up with? Hope you met some interesting people!

Pat said...

Congratulation to Tessa!

mandapanda said...

Congrats Tessa! Funny coincidence!

It's true Mel, Koalas don't drink, and that is (another reason) why Sam and other koalas who have been found alive are so incredible. They've been through so much!

New stories are all through our news tonight. There's been a goat who survived when the rest of the flock didn't. There's been horses who's entire paddocks have gone up in flames but they made it. There's possoms, wombats, kangaroos and wallabys, geese, dogs, cats, frogs, lizards, and even a peacock who made it through without too many injuries.

There's sad stories too where people have lost all their pets, who let's face it, are members of their family. There's stories where entire families have died but their dog was found wandering around the streets. There's now and estimate of over 1,000,000 native animals killed, and up to 3,000,000 livestock and who knows how many pets!
182 people dead so far and 100s missing. It hurts, you know? It just hurts so deeply, there's no words to describe it.
Thankyou for your prayers and thoughts... Oh dear, it's raining here again. I live up north of the country where the floods are. If only we could send the rain south to Victoria!

P.S A thylacine is one of only two carnivore marsupials we have here in Australia, and whom the early settlers drove to extinction (apparently). The last known living specimen died in Hobart zoo in 1937. There's been countless sightings since. Look it up on Google images.
And I'm thinking of the U.S too, and the people who've died from the tornado. It's just senseless destruction everywhere isn't it? Just goes to prove the Bible right!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Congratulations to Tessa!

Anonymous said...

Mel I got my parcel from your give away and would like to thank you very much, I love it, those little gadgets are great and love the magazines too.
I have put my business cards in the little case, so now they stay clean and neat.