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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Week Recap

Here are some magnets I've made for the Autism Awareness Day Fundraiser that will be right here on my blog on April 2nd (just a couple of days!!)
To recap what's going on on Thursday, click here!  Make sure to sign up on that post for a giveaway that ends on April 1st!
I was making the magnets during a birthday party for my nephew Scotty and sold some there on the spot!  I will have a tutorial for them later on in the month, so keep a look out!
Busy, busy, busy newborn fun!  I've been helping my sis-in-law's family since her baby boy, Collin Steven, decided to come 6 1/2 weeks early!  I have had her other two darling boys, Scotty and Grant, a couple of times this last week so she can get rest and go into the hospital to visit Collin.  He is home now though and doing well!
In addition to making magnets, playing with little boys, and snuggling with a new born I found some fun stuff online!  Pandora Radio! You can make play lists and it will find similar artists, I've been listening to some pretty good tunes!
Also, this site has been around for almost forever, Make It and Love It, but I finally found it yesterday!  Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials!  I don't think I've seen more tutorials from any ONE person!  There are sites that have multiple contributors, but this gal has done over 40 and they are all great!
Have a cReaTive week, I'm off to make some more fundraiser items!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh Mel, he is a cutie! I am looking forward to the 2nd and thanks for the new blog(to me) it is amazing, I think my new grandson needs some coths rings!!

Carla said...

Cute baby there! The magnets are so cute too!

Kaaren said...

Great magnets, Mel. Looking forward to the 2nd and thanks for the link to the tutorials.

Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Mel,
Thanks for the link and I'll be sending you the picture of my donation soon, just finishing up a few things with it.

Dawn said...

Looking forward to the 2nd!! Thanks for the link and what a darling baby!!

Carrie P. said...

Cute magnets but that little baby is so much cuter. How sweet.

Micki said...

Oh the baby is so cute! What great pics!

Maddy said...

Very creative. I'm amazed at anyone who can do anything else whilst at a party. Well done you.
Best wishes