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Monday, May 25, 2009

Goblin Valley

We made it!
On the iPod: Various artists such as REM, America, and Bee Gee's 

Snack: (one of them anyway) peanut butter cups!! My boy is a chocoholic! Even more than I am!!  Urban picked out this treat and even let me have one, he ate three!

Road Game: No game this time, just sleep!!  Yes, Urban is using a roll of paper towels for a pillow.  I forgot to leave a pillow out and had to compromise!  Hey, there's an idea for Karen's Tool Time Tuesday!  It's not a tool, but another use for something we already had! 

Urban did take some pictures, you can see what his view is from the backseat above bottom right.

The campground at Goblin Valley State Park was full so we found some BLM land to camp at the fist night.  Urban had a ball hiking around and finding 'rooms'.
Nathan's mother took her boys hiking in Goblin Valley often when they were children.  Nate has fond memories of running around the and climbing sandstone formations. He was excited to share this place with Urban and me.
Urban reflects on his adventurous day in the land of goblins.  Nathan teaches him fire safety. And I teach him how to make smores!


Kaaren said...

Awesome photos, Mel. What a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

What beautiful scenery...thanks for sharing!

OsageBluffquilter said...

I'm enjoying your trip pictures! Looks like a chocolate vacation for sure! Safe Travels.

Dawn said...

I'm going to google "Goblin Valley". It look like a fun place to visit!! Thanks for sharing...oh, and peanutbutter cups are my fave too!!

Candace said...

So nice to see the valley again, Mel! We went there in our 20's - what fun for Urban!

Trisha said...

Urban sure is a cute kiddo!

Carla said...

Cute baby. This looks like a fun place. Great photos Mel!

Shari said...

Hi Mel! I've just caught up with all your adventures. What fun! Sounds like you are having a great time. Just wonderful. Love the van - Diet Coke Red - too perfect. Will soak up some of that sun from your fantastic photos - winter has finally arrived here. Hugs to you and your lovely family...


Tina said...

What great memories.I love the scenery. Makes me miss Colorado.

Carrie P. said...

What a fascinating place and what memories you are making. I love to travel.