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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tricky Tina

Tina from Quilting for Enjoyment is very clever!
She had me as a secret sister through one of our Yahoo groups during the winter months, October, November and December. She lavished me with wonderful items I would have purchased myself! I tell you she tapped into my brain somehow and knew just what I would like!
Since I had such a fun time I signed up for another 3 months of secret sister swapping. Our hostess randomly picked names and gave us our assignments. This time I receive goodies from Annie.
January - what? no picture?? sorry!
March - see picture above
She too had a great knack for knowing what I liked and included gorgeous fabrics and table runner patterns knowing I wanted to complete several this year. What luck! How did I get two wonderful sisters?
So, while drooling over the last package of the three month series I become very, very, very confused! There is a beautiful hand quilted table runner amongst the other wonderful treats. On the back of the runner is a label that is signed by Tina. Tina, NOT Annie.
Hmm. How does Annie and Tina know each other? Then I read the card. Tina was assigned my name again! She hid the fact by using her grandmother's name in the return address!
I loved the surprise and reveled in her creativity for a good while!
THEN, the other day I received a note from Tina and enclosed was this beautiful fabric post card! I've seen these on the Internet here and there, but have never made nor received one so I was thrilled! I'm excited now to try a couple post cards of my own!
Tina is a beautiful quilter and a generous lady. I'm so glad our paths have met!!


Shari said...

What a lovely table runner. And the postcard is too cute! Swapping is so much fun!

Hillary said...

How fun and lucky for you to get such a fabulous partner twice! Talk about lucky :) Those postcards are to cute you really did get some treasures!

Pat said...

You got some nice things from funny that she had your name twice!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh now that was a real "secret" how fun. The table runner is just beautiful! I also know she was lucky to get you too!

Micki said...

How lucky for you to receive such lovely gifts. What a lovely secret sister you must have had!

Tina said...

I had loads of fun preparing and finding items for you. You are a great pal and I look forward to our continuing friendship. Thank you for all the lovely comments.

dotti white said...

I love the way that you talk about the swap with so much delight! That is a wonderful thing!