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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Afternoon's Visit

Be Aware, Be Thankful
1. Children's enthusiasm
2. Home
3. Transportation
* * *

While in Utah, we visited my mother's only sister, Susanne; pictured below.

She and Uncle Thale were happy to see us and we spent a good while with them.  Like any good aunt, she baked chocolate chip cookies and allowed Urban and I to eat as many as we wanted!!

Aunt Susanne and I pulled out the quilts her mother and grandmother had made and took pictures.

I took around 75 pictures in all of just four quilts, but since nearly every block was made from different fabrics, I HAD to!  I don't need to explain that to you!

Beginning tomorrow, I'll make one post per quilt so you can see, and I can properly document, the detail of each treasure.

The Quilts:


Nedra said...

What treasures. My first quilt was a GFG that I hand pieced.
Looking forward to seeing your documentations.

Annette said...

The grandmother's flower garden quilt is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Denise :) said...

Oh my, how beautiful! Truly a treasure indeed! :)

pajudie said...

I absolutely LOVE that GFG - I'm currently working on one that I take along when waiting for my hubby at PT, Dr's appts, etc. Just love the colors - mine has the same yellow in the center and is then done in all "flower" fabrics and joined with white. I'm using mylar templates, which are great!!! I'm not sure what size it will be but hoping for a queen size - wish me luck!! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on the other quilts, too -
what treasures!!!

Needled Mom said...

Oh my gosh, that is a gorgeous quilt. I can't wait to see each one highlighted.

KarrieLyne said...

oh wow. Lookie at that grandmas flower garden quilt!! If I had enough patience and the kids were grown, I might just attempt it. beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Pat from FL and MI said...

How fun! What a great visit. Family and quilts...........does it get any better?????

Rae Ann said...

My Mel! Those quilts have got to be the most gorgeous ever! I am so happy that you were able to visit your aunt and have that special time together. Fun mingled with chocolate...WOW... great memories for sure!

Valentina said...

what an absolute thrill!
I can't wait to see them all.
How big is this hexi-quilt? It looks quite large...

Cathi said...

That is a gorgeous GFG. No wonder you had to take so many pictures!