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Relive The Past

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hope you all had a great holiday! 

The end of last year was a busy and hectic one for me.  I apologize for being slack on replying to the comments that have been made here.  I hope I haven't permanently lost any friends because of it.

I purchased a calendar and am trying to prioritize and schedule my life so I can get to some point of normalcy.  Sewing and blogging have taken a back seat for long enough!

First project of 2009 was a quick one.  I had purchased an ugly pocket calendar 1/2 off knowing I could spruce it up.  

I went to Fancy Tiger, a stellar shop - I think I'll try to get half of hubby's paycheck auto deposited there.  They have Japanese fabrics, patterns and trims GALORE!!

I found these fabrics 30% off!

I made a little slip cover for the ugly cover of the pocket calendar.  (Yes, it's a tad short.)  I had some iron on transfer letters I used to personalize it.  Not a work of art, but I love the fabric so much and I need a calendar of some sort - so, it's perfect for me!

Update on Lissa:

They think they have all the infection out of her insides, they did have to remove her whole large intestine and her kidneys haven't started up again and they think she still has a blood clot near her liver.  They have removed lots of fluids, so she is looking a lot better.  She had a tracheotomy and the respirator was applied to that.  She is conscious now so she is able to smile - HUGE progress!!

Your prayers and positive thoughts have been greatly appreciated and put to good use - thank you!!


Rae Ann said...

Yes, you've been missed, but I totally understand how hectic life can be. I hope your New Year was great!
I absolutely LOVE those adorable fabrics and might have to look into getting some. You projects are so cute. Great use of the fabric!
We will still remember Lissa in our prayers!

onlymehere said...

I'm glad to hear that your SIL can at least smile at you all now. She's been through such a trial and I still pray for her recovery and pain to be lessened. I like what you did with the pocket calender. I wouldn't have thought to do that!

Sherri said...

Oh...I've been wanting to leave comments but didn't realize you had opened them up again! Hope you have a wonderful 2010!

Pat said...

Don't worry about answering anything we put here....just keep us updated when you can on Lissa, okay? My heart aches for what has been happening with her and I hope things get better and better with each report you give us.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh Mel, Thank you for your up-date on lissa, I have not forgotten.
Love your fabrics, I will have to visit that sight. I think your journal looks great!!!

pajudie said...

Thanks for the update on Lissa - good to hear she's doing better. She's in our prayers. Also, love your fabric choices - especially the owls!! Happy New Year -

Needled Mom said...

Still praying for Lissa. I am hoping that 2010 will be a better year for her.

Happy new year for all of you.

Tessa said...

I love how you jazzed up the new planner - looks fantastic! And I'm glad that Lissa is improving. Hope she continues to get better and better! :)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great fabric for your pocket calendar Mel!
Happy New Year and hope your year is everything you wish for.

Dawn said...

Great idea to cover up the ugly calendar! Love the fabrics you purchased. Thanks for the update on Lissa...good to hear she is doing better.